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What is Aadhar card?

Aadhar card is not only a card but it is a Unique Identification Number for every Indian citizen. It is actually a “foundation” in many of the Indian languages and this term has been given by UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India. Aadhar Card also called as UIDAI Card and it is one of the important document promoted by the Government of India.

Features of aadhar card:

  1. Aadhar card generally serves many purposes and can be used as Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA).
  2. Being an Indian citizen it is not necessary but optional to have an Aadhar card. But these days, it has become the necessity for the people to avail many of the government services.
  3. The UIDAI is mandated to provide a 12-digit unique identification (UID) number to all the residents or citizens of India. The usage of UID scheme encompasses generation and assignment of UID to residents, defining methods and processes for interlinking UID with the databases to remove the chance of duplicacy.
  4. The Aadhar card number is linked to the every resident’s personal information and biometric information taken during the enrollment process such as photograph, fingerprints and iris scans, which are stored in a centralized database. This biometric identification makes it unique as these details are different for each person.
  5. Aadhar card number is a random number which does not start with a 0 or 1. With this, no one can misuse your identity and your personal information will be safe.
  6. This UID is a valid ID for availing various government services, like an LPG connection, LPG subsidy service, e-ration card, e-signature, digital locker and for some other services, like a SIM card or opening a bank account.
Updated on April 14, 2017

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